Subject to approval of the governing council IJIRA offers two types of memberships, namely;

“Primary Memberships” are available only to the Jute Textile Mills, either spinning and or weaving.

“Associate Memberships” are available to other trades and industries allied with or accessorized with Jute Textile Mills.

The Council however may from time to time by a resolution include any other class of members as may be considered necessary in the interests of the Association from time to time.

Applications for membership shall be made in writing in the prescribed form along with admission fee and forwarded to the Director, IJIRA, 17, Taratala Road, Kolkata - 700088.

The Council may reject any application for membership without assigning any reason.

The admission fee for both Primary Members as well as Associate Members of the Association is Rs.50, 000/- only. The rates of subscription for the Primary as well as Associate members are fixed by the Council from time to time. Presently they are as follows:

Provided always that the General Body on the recommendations of the Council may vary the rate of the admission fee both for Primary Members as well as for the Associate Members either by way of increase or reduction to such extent as the circumstances will justify.