What types of testing facilities are available at IJIRA?

IJIRA is well equipped with sophisticated instruments to provide testing support to entire Textile Sector in particular to the Jute Industry. Broadly following testing facilities are available:

Physical Testing of textiles, polymeric materials
Chemical Testing of textile chemicals and auxiliaries
Analytical Testing and testing of Food Grade Jute Products
Eco Testing / Biological Testing

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How can I test samples at IJIRA?

Send us your testing enquires to concerned officers listed below. After getting confirmation from our end, samples need to be sent to our office by courier or hand delivery along with the duly authorized letter from the party along with the cost of testing.

Test will be carried out and upon receipt of payment, test reports will be despatched by courier. Payment can be made by cash/ Pay Order/ Cheque/ Demand Draft drawn in the name of “Indian Jute Industries’ Research Association” payable at Kolkata.

Physical testing:
Shri Anup Kumar Nandi
Textile Testing Cell
Phone: +91 33 6626 9261/ 9243
E-mail: anup.nandi@ijira.org
Chemical testing:
Mr. S. G. Saha
Chemical Testing Cell
Phone: +91 33 6626 9240
E-mail: sgsaha@ijira.org / rajkumar.paral@ijira.org
Analytical testing:
Mr. S. G. Saha
Analytical Testing Cell
Phone: +91 33 6626 9240
E-mail: sgsaha@ijira.org / rajkumar.paral@ijira.org
Eco testing:
Mr. Amal Chandra Deka
Eco Testing Cell
Phone: +91 33 6626 9208
E-mail: acdeka@ijira.org

What type of services/consultancy does IJIRA provide to the Jute Industry?

Major areas of Technical consultancy services offered by IJIRA are given here.

Machinery complement and auditing Waste management studies
Process capability study Energy management studies
Process capability study and certification for FGJP Maintenance management studies
Quality control and critical analysis Material handling studies
Inter Farm Comparison Studies on yarn/fabric defects and their remedies
Implementation of new technologies to jute mills  

Does IJIRA have any membership facility?

IJIRA offers both Primary & Associate membership facility to Jute Mills, Textile Units, SMEs, JDP units & its members. IJIRA renders technical services/ consultancy and provides its infrastructural support at a subsidized rate. For further information click here

How can I avail the IJIRA pilot plant facilities?

IJIRA Pilot Plant is equipped with the mechanical and chemical processing machinery meant for conversion from fibre to product of textiles fibres. Pilot Plant facility is open to external parties like industry, SMEs, academia and others for carrying out experimental trials. Access to Pilot Plant and its services are available with prior approval to the Director, IJIRA.

What are the training programs offered by IJIRA?

IJIRA is imparting training to jute mill workers and supervisors on different modules under Integrated Sill Development Scheme (ISDS) program. The following training programmes are currently continuing

Jute selection to spinning
Winding to weaving
Bleaching, dyeing and printing
Garment manufacturing
Cluster based technology
Advanced manufacturing

How to procure IJIRA publications/ technical brochures of developed technologies/ Study Manual/ Books /Newsletter?

Send us your enquiry to the concerned officer mentioned below. We will send an invoice, upon payment publications/ technical brochures/ Study Manual/ Books/ Newsletter will be despatched by courier or registered parcel.

Contact Officers:
Library: Mr. Apurba Bhar
               Library In-charge,
Phone: (+91 33) 6626 9244
E-mail: library@ijira.org

Is IJIRA Library facility available for outsiders?

IJIRA library is open to external visitors of industry, academia, students and others. Access to IJIRA library and its services are available with prior approval to the Director, IJIRA.