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About Library

IJIRA Library was started along with the establishment of the Indian Jute Industries' Research Association in order to cater the academic and research needs of the Scientists, Research Scholars, Technical officers, Administrative staffs and visitors from Mills and other Research Institutions. Since then, IJIRA-Library has gone from strength to strength to live up to the expectations of its diverse clientele on Jute and allied fibers. It is one of the best-equipped Jute libraries in Asia. IJIRA Library operates under Director, IJIRA. The Library is a treasure trove of rare and valuable collection of Books, Scholarly Journals, Conference Proceedings, Standards, Technical Notes, Thesis, Annual Reports and Ready Reference Sources like Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Directory, Handbook, Manual, etc. Library of the Association basically supports its research activities. Apart from catering the requirements of Scientific Staffs and Researchers, services are offered to other Staff Members of IJIRA as well; therefore, apart from Jute and allied subjects, Library also houses books on Administration, Management, Law, etc. External visitors, e.g. Scientists of other Textile Research Associations, Research Scholars, Faculty Members of Universities and Learned Institutions, Students and Entrepreneurs can access the Library and avail its services with prior approval of the Director.


Library is housed at the 2nd floor of the Annexe building of the IJIRA campus. Its shelf space and working space total 3,250 sq. ft.(approx).


At present, the Library has 5065 Title of books, 8241 bound volumes of Journals, 83 Theses & Dissertations and non-book materials such as Reports, Pamphlets, CDs, Technical Notes and Patents etc.

In addition, Library has the access of 28 full text Journals available in print or in online mode. The Library also subscribes two textiles databases (i.e.  Textile Technology Complete and World Textiles) which includes Academic Journals, Monographs, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Magazines, Trade Periodicals, E-books etc.

A considerable part of the Library’s acquisitions consists of gifts from individuals and institutions.

Rules and Regulations of IJIRA Library

The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution to be made of the library resources. Library Staff has authority to maintain good order in Library. Library rules could be amended whenever necessary. The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all users and to facilitate the Library to carry out its functions as efficiently as possible.

General Regulations

Library Hours 09-30 a.m. to 05-30 p.m. on all Working Days.
Silence should be observed in all designated areas.
Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of mobile phones are not permitted in the Library.
Members must carry their library card with them.
Old and archival publications are not to be photocopied.
Books once picked out from the stack should be left in the reading table if not issued.
External Users are required to obtain prior permission of competent Authority for availing Library services.
Arrangement of Photocopy and Scan of documents could be done on request in compliance with the current Copyright Acts.

Loan Rules

Publications required for daily reference in the divisions, section or laboratories may be taken on as sectional loan. Officer-in-charge who signs such loan slip will be held responsible for the safe custody of such publications.
Staff Members may normally borrow up to four books on loan at a time. In certain circumstances this number may be exceeded at the discretion of the Librarian.
Books are normally issued to Staff Members for 15 days.
Lending facility for rare books, archival materials, old and damaged unbound periodicals, current and loose issue of periodicals, reference materials, unpublished reports etc. will not be entertained.
Library Materials, under certain circumstances, may be recalled before the due date.
Reminder will be sent to individuals if Library materials are not returned or renewed in time.
Fines will be charged if items are lost, damaged or defaced. In such cases, either the book has to be replaced with a new one, or, the current price of the book has to be paid.
All material borrowed from Library must be officially issued by a member of Library staff.
Readers are responsible for all books and other library materials issued to them. Annotation, underlining, folding of pages and marking on library materials is strictly prohibited.


LSEase/E (Rel. 6.3) of LIBSYS is being utilized in library automation. Databases of Books, Serials, Compact Disk, Conference Proceedings,  Standards,  Thesis/Dissertation,  Product Catalogue, Technical Note,  Report and  Patent  have been created and being updated.  Those databases are also available through Web OPAC to all users of IJIRA Campus. In near future this Web OPAC can also be accessed through internet by outsiders.
All users are provided with the Photocopy / scan facilities of the documents available in the library.
I.P. based access and search facilities of On-line Journals, Databases, E-books etc. and Internet facilities are available through out the campus including the library reading room.
Other important services include inter library loan, indexing and abstracting service, current awareness service, SDI service,  reference and referral service, etc.
Digitization of rare texts will be initiated and the said project is in pipeline for the 12th five year plan.

Services at a Glance

Issue-Return of books
Access to current issues and back volumes of journals
Reference and Information Services
Access to Databases, Abstracting and Indexing Journals
Access to rare books
Inter-Library loan
Photocopying Service
Current Awareness Service
Display of News Clippings and New Arrivals
Document Delivery Services


Staff Members are required to provide their particulars while registering for Library Membership. Recommendations of concerned Departmental Head is necessary to obtain membership. Membership Cards are valid till the termination of his /her employment with IJIRA. On termination of employment staff members are to obtain Library Clearance Certification from the Librarian. All categories of members except the short-term users (on special permission) are entitled to borrow books from the Library. The registration of library members is being done at the Library with prior permission from Director - IJIRA.

Library Automation

Steps have been taken to computerise the library's house-keeping operations. The work related to retrospective conversion of library collections is in progress.

Future Plans

The Future Plans for the IJIRA Library are as follows:

Creation of Jute Knowledge Base
RFID based Library Management System
Creation of  Rare Journals Archives
Development of Local History Collection on Jute