Major Achievements in R&D
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Development of  eco-friendly fibre lubricant in Jute Processing
Modified bleaching and dyeing technology for improved light fastness of Jute
Moisture Retention Technology in Jute processing
Green sizing of Jute yarn for better energy economy and weaving performance
Development of enzymatic degumming technology for decorticated ramie fibre
Production of Jute-Ramie blended fine yarns and fabrics
Jute-Bamboo composites as substitute of wood for rural building components, transport and furniture sectors
Braided Jute sapling bags as substitute of poly nursery sapling bags
Value added jute based  life-style home textile products with aroma finishing
Low cost, light weight jute bags for packing food grains and sugar
Design and development of end use specific Jute Geo-textiles and Jute Agro textiles
Durable Jute geo-textiles effective for soil erosion control and river bank protection
Sterilized Jute Pack / Anti-microbial Textiles of Jute
Development of Moisture meter, Autoleveller, Sliver Grist monitor, Electronic jute yarn testing tester and Brightness-cum-cover factor meter