IJIRA from its inception is dedicatedly working for Indian Jute Sector having special emphasis on industrial research and development. Apart from the organized industrial part, IJIRA also provides comprehensive technical support to the decentralized jute sector spread over the country in large number.

Broad consultancy services

Implementation of new process technology and processing route to jute mill
Process capability study of industrial manufacturing processes
Analysis of technical problems and suggest their remedial measures for Jute industry
Assessment and audit on machinery modernization, subsidy scheme; assessment of vendors
Satisfy the queries of foreign buyers addressed to the Jute sector
Eco-testing and process capability certification
Implementation of Total Quality Management for in-plant improvement in productivity and product quality

According to the needs of the domestic market as well as the global consumers, currently IJIRA is taking special care for building up “Eco-compliance of Jute” for the benefit of the Jute Sector.

Major areas of consultancy services offered

Upgradation of raw Jute fibre at Field level
Accelerated retting of jute and quality upgradation through biotechnical measures
Improving utilization of lower grade fibre at Batching
Farmers’ training on post retting method for fibre upgradation

Promotion of Food Grade Jute Products (FGJP)
Implementation of Modified Rice Bran Oil technology to improve global acceptance of Food Grade Jute Products (Whole Mill Conversion to Rice Bran Oil)
Inspection and Certification of FGJP

Testing, process monitoring instruments and calibration
Testing and calibration of Moisture Meter
Implementation of auto control system for process monitoring
Portable instrumental technique for quick evaluation of raw jute quality

Production & Quality Management
Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) system
Diagnostic Study of Composite Jute Mills along with remedial measures
Modification in weaving preparatory stage for steam economy and efficiency gain
Performance Audit in Loom Shed
Improved packaging solutions
Inter-Farm Comparison of Jute Mills
Analysis of /yarn/fabric/product defects

Value addition in Jute Diversified Products
Multi-functional finishing for imparting value added functionality in Jute products
Technical solutions for improvement in dyeing and bleaching efficiency

Consultancy in Technical Textiles
A to Z solutions for Jute Geo-textiles
Consultancy on Jute Agro-textiles manufacturing
Setting drive for Jute Reinforced Composites
Bio-composites from Jute residues

Environmental Management
Treatment for chemical effluent in Jute Mill
Eco-processing technique and eco-compliance
Carbon Credit Project for Jute Sector

Human Resource Management
Long Term Training Package
Redeployment Training Module
Fresher’s training programme
Management training programme