Turn Key Projects

Over the years, IJIRA has grown its capabilities to provide technical support and services on turn-key basis to Jute Sector. In turn-key projects IJIRA works in close proximity with industry / customer to provide efficient, effective and reliable technical solutions.

Major areas where IJIRA currently provides services to Jute Sector on Turn-key basis:
Implementation of Eco-fibre lubricant (Modified Rice Brane Oil based) on whole mill basis (Conversion from JBO to RBO)
Moisture Meter & Autoleveller for Jute
Enzymatic Up-gradation of low quality Jute Fibre
A to Z solution for Jute Geo-Textiles
Total Quality Management for composite Jute Mill
Software based Maintenance Management solutions
Jute based Composites (for multiple applications)
High end functional finishing of Jute fabric for Diversified Jute Products
Setting up Information Resource Centre with respect to Jute