Technology Transfer
Since its inception, IJIRA has been working in close proximity with jute industry to fulfil its mandate of industrial development for the jute and its ancillary industries. IJIRA worked with almost all the jute mills (58 nos working) in different aspects at different time. Study groups formed in different time to overcome the industrial problems.

IJIRA has been engaged and assisted jute industry to solve their day to day problem, adaptation of newer technologies, product design & development, product diversification along with process modifications. For that purposes IJIRA carried out a whole lot of research & development in terms of mechanical and chemical processing modifications, instrumentation designing and product development.

IJIRA has bagged quite a large number of accomplishments in its crown and made its foot hold strong regarding the R&D of jute and allied fibres.  Following are the glimpses of some of the technologies/development transferred to jute industry by IJIRA in recent past at different segments of jute and allied fibre research.

Mill Side
Development of alternative to conventional jute batching oil for improving spinnability and to produce non toxic and hydrocarbon free jute products
Technology for production of food grade and odourless jute bags [Rice Bran Oil (RBO) Technology]
New metallic card clothing system to improve the productivity and quality in carding of jute fibres
Worsted Technology of Schlumberger, France for manufacture finest jute yarn (of count up to 3 lbs.) and jute blended yarn (of count up to 1.5 lbs.). Presently M/s. Champdany Jute Mills (Unit of Anglo India Jute Mill) is producing the finer jute and jute blended yarn.
Semi Worsted Technology of Mackie, UK for manufacture of finer jute and jute blended yarn (3 – 6 lbs.).
Development of technology for manufacturing of ramie based jute products
Adopting of Ring, Wrap and DREF-3 spinning technology for jute
Flat yarn using bio-modified TKP as adhesive
Improvement of spinning productivity (package of technologies) to the tune of 10 - 15 % through Upgradation of low grade jute fiber with enzyme
Reduction of batching oil for improvement of yarn quality
Optimization of sliver evenness
Implementation of IJIRA Modified Detector Assembly
Machine Auditing and Rectification
Energy Audit
Sirdars and Supervisors training
Motivation and involvement of all category staff through HRD program

Factory Side
Energy efficient green sizing technology for jute yarn
50 Kg capacity jute bag for foodgrain and sugar
Hemless Bag
Mechanical attachment for controlling warp tension during beaming process
Improved revolving cone type cop-winder
Tappet profile-cum-heald movement analyzer
Improvement of Weaving Productivity (Package of Technologies) to the tune of 10% - 15% through - Application of IJIRA Bio-modified Starch
Loom audit and rectification
Self Lubricating Bush
Implementation of IJIRA quantitative tuning method
Introduction of IJIRA Developed Gadgets
Beam Tension
Sirdars and Supervisors Training
Motivation and involvement of all category staff through HRD program

Chemical Processing
Enzyme & chemical pre - treatment of jute for fine yarn spinning
Process for yarn package dyeing and loose stock dyeing of jute for large range of enduses
Improvement of wet processing technology for better fastness to colour and better feel in fabrics / yarns Chemical De-hairing of Jute Based Fabric
High Quality and High Colourfast Dyeing
    Single-bath Bleaching and Dyeing of Jute
Dyeing and Printing of Jute Fabric with Natural Dyes
Printing of Jute Fabric with Eco-friendly Synthetic Binder
Bleaching of Jute Fibre at the batching stage
Sirdars and Supervisors Training
Motivation and involvement of all category staff through HRD program

Home and Decorative Textiles
Lightfast bleached, dyed and finished jute fabrics for manufacturing export quality home textiles
Aroma based home textiles for interior use
Multifunctional Ceramic based nano-finishing for outdoor textiles by sol-gel method
Jute and Jute blended apparels and hometextiles with yarn from modern technology spinning system
Durable fire retardant treatment on decorative fabrics
Bleaching process for conferring high degree of light fastness to Jute yarn and its blends
Soil resistant and water repellent jute fabric for postal and soft luggage
Rot proofing processes for specific enduses
Decorative fabrics and carpets from jute blended yarns with improved chemical finishes

Jute Reinforced Composite Technology
Jute Bamboo hybrid Composite for rural application
Packing ring chair sheet-cum-backrest for EMU coaches
Technology for manufacture of Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) from whole jute plant
Jute reinforced plastics (JRP) composites based on Jute based Nonwovens and slivers
Development of industrial moulding technique of manufacturing Jute Reinforced Plastics (JRP Products)
Technology for manufacture of Composite Products as Wood Substitute and for other End-uses
Use of Jute Fabric / Nonwoven / Waste and Jute Stick as reinforcing medium for Jute Thermosetting Composite Boards
Jute-Polypropylene Composites
Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) for jute

Jute Geotextile (JGT) and Jute Agrotextile (JAT)
Extensive research work and field studies on application of JGT & JAT in civil engineering and agriculture areas have been conducted by IJIRA with efficacy of the products have been established and documented.

With a sponsorship and guidance of NJB and in association with different research organizations of India viz. B. E. College (BESUS), Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Centre Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute (CSWCRTI), Tea Research Association and Jadavpur University, IJIRA has conducted several exercises and field applications in different parts of India of JGT and JAT in the areas of civil engineering applications like –
Soil conservation Road construction
Slope management Mine spoil stabilization
Riverbank protection  
IJIRA has also worked in various agricultural applications like -
Weed management Agro-mulching for vegetation growth
Aforestation in semi-arid zone Sleeves for nursery etc. especially in North-East Region of India.

Instrument Development
List of some Instruments developed by IJIRA
Electronic Moisture Meter
IJIRA jute lustre and brightness meter
Tensile tester for jute yarn / fabrics – Tensojute
Electronic twist tester
IJIRA sliver grist monitor
Fibre parallelization tester
IJIRA impact strength tester
Raw jute bundle strength tester
IJIRA sliver irregularity recorder
IJIRA fabric stiffness tester
IJIRA fabric cover factor tester
Auto leveler in Finisher card
Microprocessor based yarn evenness tester and slub counter
Multi-row seed Drill
Attachment for card board tube strength measurement