Chemical Testing
Name of the Test/Test parameters Specification
Food Grade Jute Product:

Inspection, Testing & Certification
IJO 98/01
Jute Batching Oil (JBO) IS
Rice Bran Oil (RBO) IUPAC 2.401
Water & Effluent IS, APHA
Chemical analysis of fabric/garments:

pH of aqueous extract, water soluble matter, Scouring loss, Barium activity No., finish content, water repellency (spray test), colour fastness, dimensional stability, relaxation to washing, relaxation on additional washing, relaxation on heating , copper content of rot proof fabric
Chemical analysis of fibre/fabric/yarn:

Oil, fat and waxes, residual starch, ash content, moisture regain/content, unsaponifiable matter
In- House, IS
Textile finishing chemicals:

Sizing chemicals (starch, TKP, CMC, PVA, Guar Gum etc.), Bleaching chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, sodium silicate, sodium meta silicate etc.), sodium silicofluoride,  common acids (acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid etc.), dyes & dye auxiliaries
Colour Tests:

Colour measurement (L, a, b values), whiteness & yellowness index, colour difference, Colour strength of dyed fabrics,  Purity of dyes, Shade Matching
Colour Fastness:

Colour fastness to light, washing, rubbing, perspiration, hot pressing, organic solvent, sea water, chlorinated pool water, water, dry cleaning, laundering (home or commercial), acid or alkali spotting, water spotting, bleaching (peroxide), dry heat
Fibre blend analysis:

Qualitative & Quantitative