Physical Testing
IJIRATextile Testing” laboratory is equipped with versatile instruments to carry out almost all types of physical tests as per ASTM, ISO, IS, BS or other standards including custom specified parameters/standards. We also conduct typical tests for R&D purposes that are not included in any standard booklet. IJIRA, as committee member, is one of the pioneer in supplying extensive data base during finalization of IS/BS standards for Jute and Jute products.

Major instruments/machines available in our Textile Testing lab are
Good Brand (UK) make Tensile Strength testers of various capacities for testing of Yarn, Fabric, Lea (Cotton), Leasting, Cardboard rolled pipe etc
Scott (USA) make Tensile Strength tester for “Grab” or “Strip” samples
INSTRON (USA/UK) universal Tester for determination of tensile, compressive, peel, friction, repetitive/cyclic loading/unloading property etc
USTER (Swiss) make Tensorapid tester for determination of Tensile properties
Premier-4 (Uster type) make Evenness Tester for determination of irregularity aspects of mass distribution in Yarns, Fine slivers/roving etc
ALMETER (Swiss) make Fibre length analyzer for slivers/roving etc
Elmendorf (USA) make impact type “Tear” strength tester
LENZING (Swiss) make “Vibroskop” for determination of single fibre weight
Sharley (UK) make instruments for determination of “crimp”, “Stiffness” etc
Different sophisticated microscopes
IJlRA make Fineness Tester for determination of “Denier” of fibre
IJIRA Designed TENSOJUTE for testing of Yarns
Cook (UK) make constant tension winding test for yarns
Cusic (UK) make Drape tester for fabric
Martindale make Fibre Shedding on Abrasion
IJIRA make Fibre Shedding on Abrasion between fabrics
CBR Tester
Cone Drop Tester for dynamic perforation
Sieve Shaker Tester
IJIRA Impact Strength tester for Card & Gill Pins

The list of testing job we cater to our member mills and other organizations are tabulated below. All testing charges and their respective details are given in Test Charges

Bundle Strength (Tenacity)
Single Fibre Tenacity & Elongation (lnstron / Lenzing)
Fineness (Airflow) / Linear Density (IJlRA Fineness Tester)
Fineness (Gravimetric)
Elastic Recovery / Relaxation (lnstron)
Jute Grading (Hand and Eye method) / Bulk Density
Flexural Rigidity (Instron)

Grist ( Count )/ Cotton yarn count
Cotton yarn Count Strength Product (CSP)
Single yarn Strength etc. (Goodbrand)
Single yarn Strength & Elongation (Tensojute)
Single yarn Strength & Elongation (Instron)
Cyclic loading and unloading (Instron)
Yarn mass CV%, Imperfection etc. (Premier-4)
Break under Const. Tension Winding m/c (Cook)
Abrasion Resistance
Nylon GABION Rope Strength (Instron)

COTTON / JuCo Fabrics / Cotton Drill Fabrics
Yarn counts, Ends/Picks etc
Fabric Shrinkage etc.
Blend Ratio %

Impact Strength

Certification, Checking & calibration of IJIRA designed Jute Moisture Meter

Fabric Strength
Seam Strength
Fabric Construction, Stitch Analysis & Dimension
Drop Test (Bag Package)
Grist (Count)
Sliver Weight CV% (Premier-4)
Sliver Weight CV% (Manual cut method; 1”cut, 2”cut or as specified)
Av. Fibre Length (Beard method)
Av. Fibre Length, Short Fibre%, Length Distribution (Almeter)

GSM,Thickness, Ends/Picks, Weave etc.
Tensile Strength & Elongation (Instron)
(Wide Width & Normal)
Tensile Strength (Good Brand))
Ballistic Work of Rupture
Bursting Strength (Diaphragm)
Trapezoid / Tongue Tear Strength (Instron)
Abrasion Resistance (Flex / Flat / Edge)
Cover factor & Brightness
Yarn Weight (Grist) taken from Fabric
Yarn Strengtht (Grist) taken from Fabric
Yarn Crimp% taken from Fabric (Shirley)
Cover factor / Porosity
Air / Water Permeability
Drape (Cusic)
Flexural Rigidity (Stiffness)
Cyclic loading & unloading (Instron)
Crease Recovery (Shirley)
Fabric Puncture Test by Rod (Instron)
Fibre Shedding on Abrasion (Martindale)
Fibre Shedding on Abrasion between fabrics (IJIRA)
Blend Ratio (Union Fabric of two fibres only)
Tear Strength (Elmendorf)
Fabric Defect Analysis

Strength of Brattice Cloth before and after accelerated ageing.
Content % of Coated Fabric
Water repellence of aged sample

Tensile strength (Instron)
Net Strength (Instron)
Rope Dia & Mesh dimensions etc.
Rope Strength (Instron)