The website is under construction and would be ready soon. Thank you.

The website is under construction and would be ready soon. Thank you.


IJIRA HRD Program - our portfolio of basic and further training.

From classroom-based events to customer-specific training courses and seminars to flexible E-learning offerings - our HRD program provides concentrated knowledge for day-to-day work.


Exchange on the topic of skilled labour qualification and further training takes place in IJIRA on routine basis

Under this program, IJIRA always remains eager for an open industry exchange on the topics of recruiting and qualifying skilled workers.

The shortage of skilled labour is challenging our society. The textile industry specially the Jute industry, like other industries, must take appropriate measures to maintain its performance. IJIRA’s skill development programs enable industry representatives to have an open exchange on how to reach the next generation in a sustainable way. These programmes also address the question of how textile/Jute professions can be made more attractive to the young skilled workers of tomorrow?

School leavers alone cannot fully cover the demand, so a second solution is aimed at career changers. Under these programmes, experts from IJIRA also discuss the following questions

  • how these workers with different prior knowledge can be qualified,
  • which regulatory aspects need to be taken into account and
  • where industries can obtain support.

Interactions through these programmes offer the opportunity to talk to the relevant IJIRA team in order to discuss opportunities for tomorrow's highly qualified specialists required by the industry